Introduction: The Never Whoas

I’m not planning on ever showing this to anyone, but in the case that I do ever make it public…I guess I’ll start with introductions.
Me with my Original Kitty, Millye.

The author: My name is Annye, and I’m a 1989 native Ohioan. I’ve been riding since forever, but have never done any serious showing or training. I’d consider myself a solidly intermediate rider; I have the bravery and skill to ride babies and catch-ride, but I don’t have the experience or instruction to truly be an “advanced” rider like many people my age seem to be. For horsie money, I work as a computer programmer. Other interests include My Little Pony, reading, video games, and general nerdiness.

Rob with a winter coat.

The author’s horsie: Her name is Robigo, Robbye (like “Robbie), Rob, Robbyn. She is a 2009 chestnut Belgian/Standardbred accident – what I like to think of as an “Amish Warmblood”. I bought her in July of 2012 as a just-turned 3-year-old. I hope to eventually take her low-level eventing. In the mean time, we’re working on simple simple dressage, very low jumping, and general being-a-good-horse.

The experience: My aunt Julie has ridden and trained her whole life, except for a break she took to train dogs. Julie and my mom grew up with horses, riding and showing on a budget. Julie is also our team seamstress and hauler (she owns the truck). Julie runs a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd foster home, thought nowadays she has many more permanent residents than fosters, and not all of them are collies and Aussies!

The trainer’s horsie: Bumble Bee’s Yogi is a 2004(?) off the track bay Standardbred. Yogi Man is a jack of all trades – he’s a skilled driving horse, trail horse, dressage mount, and jumper. Though I’d like to event Yogi as well, for now his (lack of) canter skills keep him from any 3-gait competitions. Still, he’s a talented, clever, and extremely hard-working horse, and has the 2-gait class ribbons to prove it. Yogi is very opinionated, and usually hates other horses. The fact that he immediately fell in love with Robbye was a very good sign!

Kathy and Louie are on the left, and Robbye and I are on the right.

The friend: Kathy is, like me, an intermediate rider with interests in doing a lot more showing and learning. She has two grown kids, and has supplemented her empty house with a new border collie (Callie) and new horse. Kathy rode in hunter/jumper when she was a teenager, and leased a horse from our barn (which is where we met her), but hasn’t owned her own horse for a long time.

The new guy, the friend’s horse: Linn Side Louie is a 2003(?) off the track bay Standardbred. Louie is a quiet, nervous, sensitive type horse who tries very hard but needs very clear direction. He was a pacer on the track, and as such has a much easier time cantering and galloping than Yogi Man does. We’re still working on leads, holding the canter, and learning how to jump.


The cat: It’s Twiggy! Twig showed up at the barn one day scared, loud, and SCRAWNY. She’s named after the tiny supermodel…though Twig the cat isn’t so tiny anymore!

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