The Story So Far, Part 2: Just for Me

I had been positively stalking the New Vocations website and Facebook, with my heart set on a big, chestnut-with-chrome gelding OTTB who would take me to mid-level eventing. I knew it wouldn’t take too long for him to show up (New Vocations is so good at finding big yummy horses!), but I still knew it was going to be a rough wait. Then, Julie convinced me to go look at a Craigslist horse of all things – a draft cross mare, 3yo, who had been broken to the harness but otherwise not trained at all.

Robbye at 2yo.
The first day we saw her.

She was absolutely not at all what I wanted. Too big, not tall enough, a mare, not flashy, not hot, not started under saddle. I didn’t click with her (and didn’t, for about six months), but Julie saw potential in her and I liked her alright:

  • She had a very nice trot.
  • She had been extremely well-taken cared for (not a given when you’re talking about OTTBs).
  • She was at the best possible age for me to buy her – just ready to be started, not old enough to know any horrible habits.
  • She had never been stalled and had the body to back it up.
  • Best of all – she would be mine to teach her absolutely everything. She was generally polite and gentle, but didn’t know how to cross-tie, let alone all the riding time a TB would come with. She wouldn’t come with all the potential crazy and problems a TB could have, and, when she was done, I would be able to say that I made her all by myself.
  • She was only $1000.

Soooo I bought her.

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