The Story So Far, Part 5: The Fun Things We Did, a Photodump

There are a lot of other pictures I’d like to put here – all of awesome things Rob and I did over the past six months. This will hopefully catch me up and I can start journaling our current escapades!

We have a group of driving horses that we hang out with. Robbye is the only riding horse, so we act as the scout 😉
Trail ride posing.
Learning how to lunge (she still doesn’t do it very well).
We got to watch a calf be born on this trail ride. It was amazing.
Robbye and her BFF, Yogi.
Pretty big face 😀
One of my favorite photos of her. On cold miserable days I like to look at this picture to remind myself of summer.
Robbye in plaid.
We took Yogi to a parade in winter 2012. He was SUCH A GOOD BOY!!
Pretty lady.
The BFFs.
I taught Rob how to “stay” (and “heal”). She’s actually really good at it.
We wanted to see if Yogi’s harness would fit her. It does!!

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