Spring Crazies

Well, it looks like Robbye has been hit by the spring crazies.

I had filled my weekend with wedding planning stuff (ugh) but was really hoping to get a good solid school in on Saturday morning. She was very happy to come in from her mud pit, and stood quietly while I scraped her and tacked her (that’s not something she’s always been good at!!). She does tend to happy-buck, so I was expecting that but….the bucks never came. Rob was responsive, steady, and a really good girl. She was being a little looky, but didn’t try to buck or run off with me at all…that is, until I started focusing on myself, trying to relax my hands and shoulders. Of course, as soon as she felt me untense, she gave a great big kick and threw me over her shoulder.


I got out the longe line and…she completely ran away with me and galloped around the ring.

I really feel sorry for her. She never gets any exercise, can barely walk through her mud pit, and has always disliked being stalled. We never worked much on longeing so she doesn’t understand that she can let loose on the longe without running away from me.

After longeing, I got on her again and we got some nice W/T/C. She wouldn’t pick up her right lead but I wasn’t surprised or upset. Neither of us were happy or comfortable and we were both pooped and stressed.

I went out again last night, hoping to get her some exercise at the very least. I wanted to let her loose in the grass ring so she could buck and roll, but it was wet and dangerous (there was an entire lake in there, ugh). We longed again instead, and it went a lot better than Saturday had. She still ran away from me a couple times, but she always comes right back and I can’t blame her for wanting to let out steam. I do think that we’re both getting better at longeing, so there’s that.

Most importantly and excitedly, we’re moving in less than two weeks. Hallelujah.

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