Free Longeing – LOL

The dirt ring was less of a mess yesterday, so I took Rob out there to try to free longe her (or, at least, chase her around so she could get some bucks out). Well of course that didn’t work exactly as planned. I took her out (along with some treats in my pockets, for an after-romp reward) and I think she thought we were going to work on tricks. This is something we’ve done before, and she really loves it. So as I let her go in the ring, she…followed me around. At a walk. Directly behind me, basically with her chin on my head.

It was really cute and I felt very loved. She obviously just wanted to “work” on the ground, not run around like a crazy woman like she had the day before.

I did eventually get some trotting and a few bucks out of her, and then we worked a little on ground tying and carrot stretches. I think she could make a really happy and talented trick-horse, and that’s probably what I”ll work on in the next week while we’re waiting to move. I just can’t stand the outdoor here anymore, and I don’t think Rob can either.

Exactly one week until we have a clean, safe barn with a BIG indoor, HUGE outdoor, and TURNOUT!! Next Friday can’t come soon enough!!!

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