Long Trail Ride with MINIMAL DRAMA!!

Julie, Yogi, Robbye and I went on a longish trail ride today. It may be the last time we get to leave from the barn to go out onto the trails – this aspect was definitely the best part about our current barn. It was a refreshingly low-drama trail ride – Rob bucked and bolted a few times, but nothing too bad. She and I just really need a lot of time working on basics. I feel like we haven’t accomplished anything in like six months, and that’s really depressing.

Yesterday I took some screenshots of a cross-country school Yogi and I did last summer. I think they’re awesome, and they’re really complimentary of Yogi!!

My hands – ouch,
My elbows – ouch.
Again with the hands. Taking these screenshots really helped me see exactly what’s up with my equitation.
This photo is really special because Yogi is such a horrible canter-er. He tries so hard! (Also, not sure what I’m looking at. His lead, maybe?)
Almost nice legs, almost nice hands, almost nice elbows. At least my chin is up!
That back – ouch.
Trying to jump FOR yogi.
I think I got left behind lol.

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