First Weekend at Nickle & Dime

Grass and sunshine and they’re not sinking into mud.

Wow, what a weekend. I am so happy to be at this new barn. I feel pampered and spoiled and I’m sure Robbye does too.

No pictures from Friday, so here’s one of Louie leaping over a little spot of mud. Lol.

After the debacle with Yogi on Friday, Kathy and I still wanted to try out the indoor arena (!!!!), so we tacked up and off we went! Rob loved looking at herself in the mirrors, and I really think she liked having the wall, too (the arena at the old barn didn’t have any sort of barrier at the edges). She did get a little upset about being in there alone, but she got over it, and I think it was an overall good experience for her. It turns out we didn’t lose nearly as much progress over the past few weeks that I thought we had, which was a tremendous relief. I was scared she was going to be completely belligerent, and that we were going to have to start over altogether. Not so at all 🙂

We worked in the indoor again. I wanted to jump Robbye again, and I was just going to jump some small single jumps from a canter (easy!), but somehow we ended up trying to do first a bounce, then a 1-stride. Neither worked very well. We do really need to start from the beginning when it comes to jumping. (The video above is where we stopped. I think it’s just so so adorable. She has no idea, lol.)

Our trail ride.

After we worked in the arena, Kathy and I took Rob and Louie on a short trail ride around the field behind the farm. I think we’re going to be able to find plenty of off-farm riding to do (not that I care that much…lol. Kathy and Julie like trail riding a whole lot more than I do!).

Anyway, it was a great little trail ride. Rob was a completely different horse than she’s been for the past month or so, and that left me elated.

Sunday, Julie and I felt like chilling at the farm; we were in no hurry. First, we gave Louie a good groom – I think it really helped him relax. Julie put a longing halter and side reins on, and she longed him that way. He was his typical nervous, sensitive self, but she thinks that five minutes of side reins every day will make a big difference with him. As a racer, he was trained to hold his head high and his nose out, and he just needs a little encouragement to get out of that habit.

Next, I rode Louie. He was a good boy, and I think we made a lot of progress. We did a lot of trotting, with me being very careful to stay out of his mouth and to be gentle on his back. By the end, I was making a tiny bit of contact with my hands, and he was much more relaxed, with a lower poll and rounder back.

Lastly, I rode Robbye while Yogi and Julie took a short bareback walk in the indoor. Rob was amazing. We focused on a lot of trotting, and I started asking for collection just a tiny bit. I really think that she’s already starting to understand how to use her butt to collect and propel. What a good girl!!

After our rides, we were going to let the horses out into their “mud” lot, but…it was their lunchtime! Man, are they spoiled here. I love it.

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