We Didn’t Mean to Bring the Drama!

The horses were so happy to be able to run. This “mud” is nothing!

Wow, What a dramatic day we had on Friday.

I had to take a certification test and couldn’t take the day off, so Julie and Kathy moved all the stuff out of the new barn. I think this story will work better in a bulleted, timelined list:

  • Julie arrives at the old barn to see that our horses are out in the mud pits, despite our plans to keep them clean by leaving them in for the morning. She had forgotten to text the Barn Owner and ask her to leave them in. Oops.
  • Julie gets stuck in the mud pit trying to get Yogi in.
  • Robbye refuses to load into the trailer, despite being a seasoned traveler and loader. Rob is her normal dramatic self and makes way too big a deal about it, hitting herself in the top of the head in the process.
  • Julie and Kathy finally get all the horses and stuff over to the new barn, where they’re very happy to see fresh bedding, hay and water, space cleared for our tack, and overall a very happy and safe atmosphere.
  • Julie and Kathy go out to lunch while I drive home from my certification exam. We make plans to meet back up at the barn to ride.
  • I wait at home for Julie or Kathy to call me and let me know that they’re on their way back to the barn. When the call doesn’t come, I call Julie’s phone and a strange young woman picks up. She tells me, “There’s been an emergency with Yogi, his leg is stuck, come as soon as you can”.
  • I panic and assume the worst, of course, and rush out to the barn. (I actually killed a squirrel along the way, which I’ve never done before – that added a lot to my own stress). When I arrive at the barn, there are fire trucks and police cars out front, so I completely panic.
  • You’ll have to watch the video to see exactly how Yogi was stuck, but this incident has a GOOD ENDING! The firemen were able to use the Mini Jaws of Life to cut three bars from Yogi’s stall wall, allowing his leg to slip free.
  • The firefighters thought it all was really funny. The vet came out and declared Yogi very impressive. He gave him a ton of bute and advised no/light riding just for a while.
  • Yogi went out and galloped around with Rob and Louie, lol.

I just can’t believe we caused so much drama within ONE HOUR of moving to our new place!! UGH.

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