A weekend of hard work and lots of progress

Diva Robbye before our ride on Thursday.

Man, what a weekend this was. Robbye and I made some big progress and had a lot of fun.


Thursday, we decided to explore the area a little bit and see where we would be able to trail ride. Kathy and I rode for just a short while in the indoor, and then we headed down the road. We found a very nice, flat lane that I really want to race down. Other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot of exciting trail, which was disappointing, but I’m sure we’ll end up finding something.

Julie and Yogi looked all dressed up, like they were going for a hunt. CUTE!


Zeke and I had a date night planned for Friday, so we just stopped by the barn. He seemed mildly impressed by the farm, but of course he doesn’t really understand how awesome it is!

Zeke in the back field.


 Saturday, Kathy didn’t feel like riding (she fell off on Friday afternoon, so she was in a funk), so I got a lesson from Julie all for myself. And wow, was it awesome. We set up three barrels down the middle of the outdoor and really worked on control. Control the pace, control the size of the circle, control the accuracy of the circle. This is something that I’ve had issues with with Robbye – when she decides she wants to do something other than what I want to do….she just does it. She’s stronger than I am and she doesn’t always have enough respect for me.

This was an amazing exercise. We hadn’t had a good workout in the outdoor, and I was afraid we were never going to be able to get anything done out there – but holy cow, was I wrong. After a very long warmup (I think this is going to have to become the norm), Rob was finally relaxing, bending, and in control. WOO!!

Unfortunately, right as she and I finally relaxed, we had a miscommunication, she jumped to the side, and I tumbled right over her shoulder. MAN!! It wasn’t anyone’s fault but I was still really disappointed. We were really in the zone, and I was abruptly (and literally) thrown out of it.

Robbye has grown feathers this year! I’ll probably leave them on for shows; I think they’re adorable.

But we were able to get back into it, and we even trotted some cavaletti on the circle. I don’t think we’ve ever done bending lines before, so that was cool. Plus, she was making a real effort to pick her feet up, which is also an issue we’ve had. Dang draft feet!

Louie didn’t mind the vacuum at all!

After my long ride, we grabbed lunch at a local place and then came back to the barn to do some prep for next weekend (Equine Affaire!). We were super surprised when Louie let us vacuum him with absolutely no fuss…and then Rob let us vacuum her, as well! And let me tell you, that vacuum is awesome. We are seriously spoiled.

Our barrel/cavaletti setup from Sunday.


Sunday, Kathy and Julie wanted to go on a trail ride, so since we only have a two-horse trailer, I got yet another great lesson. Sunday started out much calmer and with a ton more control, which made me very happy (we’re making progress!). We did lots of circles at a walk and trot, and then worked on our canter for a bit. One of the reasons we’ve gone back to the basics is because Rob is so uncontrollable at the canter, which means we can’t work on jumping the way I wish we could. Well, her canter was completely different yesterday. She was trying to collect (and working so hard!), was listening to steering, and was very willing. We had some miscommunications trying to get the right lead, and she couldn’t actually circle one barrel going that direction (we had to do two), but overall I am so so pleased.

Louie looking all handsome.

Best of all, we got to do a little jumping! We did the same cavaletti poles at a trot that we had done on Saturday, then we did cavaletti at the medium height from a canter. It was amazing. I helped her pick her distances, which was a nice confidence boost for me, and she willingly went over everything, even at angles. So so so happy!

1. She’s wet from sweat – yaaaa we really worked! 2. She’s upset because her boyfriends were calling to her (thanks for helping, guys..not!). 3. Julie’s finger, lol. But other than that, man is she really starting to look good.

Sunday was also awesome because it was the first perfect day of spring. The sun was out, it was the perfect temperature, and there was a nice warm breeze. WEE!!

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