Another Amazing Ride

After our ride, Robbye went out in the paddock by herself – probably the first time in her life she’s been out alone. She was a little nervous, but she did relax a bit. Good girl 🙂
Monday Julie and I were feeling lazy after the warm, fun weekend, and I wanted to give Rob a day off, so we just hung out at the barn and did some grooming. I vacuumed Rob again, which she tolerated. I think she likes it once she relaxes a bit.
Last night (Tuesday) we had another amazing school. Kathy/Louie were taking a lesson at the same time, which made control and steering even more important. Louie has been working with a running martingale, which has made him much easier to ride for Kathy (and it makes him look really good, too!). Because Louie likes to stop when he’s confused, Kathy has been working on keeping a steady pace, controlling and turning while keeping pace, and general un-spooking. They also got to trot some pole courses, which was fun to see. Louie is so sensitive and Kathy is so green that as a pair they have a bit of trouble. I’m excited to hear what the clinician will say about Kathy and Louie this weekend.
As for Rob and I, here’s what we did:
  • Walked and then trotted on the barrel circles, adding spirals in and out to work on control and rhythm.
  • Cantered to the left, adding spirals and loops and paying attention to rhythm. We cantered for long stretches of time; we need to start adding endurance if we want to show 3-gait this summer…
  • Cantered to the right – we started by looping around two barrels, then moved to one (!). We attempted some spiraling and steering. We still had trouble picking up the lead, unfortunately.
  • Trotted some cavaletti set on the lowest side. Focused on rhythm and control.
  • Cantered some loops of cavaletti set on the medium height. I tried to ask for distances and encourage her to pick her feet up and not hit the poles. We did this both ways, and I think we both really enjoyed it. Going to the right, she did switch to her good lead over one of the jumps (both a good thing and a bad thing!), but then picked up the correct lead after that, the first time I asked her!! At the end of one of the “courses” she made a big stretch to get a jump in stride, and I decided to end there. It was amazing.

After our lesson, Louie and Yogi got their tails washed for EA this weekend. They were both very good boys.

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