Calm in the Indoor

Spring cleaning time! My entire kitchen is taken over by horsie stuff and tack. Sorry, housemates ūüėõ
Yesterday Rob and I had yet another great and productive ride. It was pouring outside so we were stuck in the indoor (YAY, we have an indoor!). There was a beginner lesson going on, so we really had to use our new-found control and steering skills. Love it.
Overall, the ride was incredibly relaxed – which was totally unexpected. She wasn’t in there with Yogi or Louie, which I thought would cause drama. Not so at all!! I think she’s really growing up.
Because she was so relaxed, I took the opportunity to focus on myself. I worked on sitting trot, on keeping my legs still, on accurate aids, and on my hands. I also listened to the beginner lesson, which was sadly helpful to me. Oh, for a slightly better-paying job, so I could take lessons!!
We did some trot poles, which Rob was very careful of, even though they’re PVC and can’t possibly hurt. The progress we’ve made is astounding.
Other than that, it was a very relaxed,¬†uneventful¬†ride. I realized halfway through that I was absolutely so enjoying the ride. Usually I don’t realize until after a workout how much fun it was!
Robbye did do something funny yesterday. She, Yogi and Louie got to go out to the indoor before the lesson to play for a little while. Well, Robbye was horny as heck. She followed him around with her tail up, telling him how much she wanted him (mostly by peeing). It was so pathetic and funny – he was completely ignoring her (or at least trying to – she was getting on his nerves) and she was so desperate! Adorable.

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