Little Too Affectionate…

So cute.
Kathy, Louie, Julie and Yogi spent the day at Equine Affaire today, so I went to clean Rob’s stall all by my lonesome. It kinda sucked, but I also got to love on Robbye a lot, which I don’t do in front of people. For some reason it just feels weird to hug and kiss her when there are people around. I should probably get over that.
Anyway, she was really cute. I think the combination of her being in heat, plus her being lonely, plus me being the treat lady, made her very affectionate. She was watching me as I went down to the lower barn to get a wheelbarrow, which I thought was adorable:

A bit creepy, maybe.

The best part, oh my gosh. I was kissing her nose and she would nuzzle/lip/kiss me back, which I thought was adorable of course. So I tried to take a video, which was actually turning out pretty cute….until she bit me in the face!! Luckily I got it on camera, ahahahaha…..

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