Equine Affaire 2013

Man, I still feel a little exhausted from this weekend. What a hectic, tiring, awesome experience.

Julie and Kathy, the lucky ducks, didn’t have to work on Thursday or Friday. They also didn’t have to come home and go straight to the barn to clean their stalls, since Yogi and Louie were at EA. I think I got the crappy deal of this experience, lol.

Anyway, the whole thing was very awesome. Yogi and Julie participated in a breed demo on Friday, then Yogi got to show off in the Standardbred petting stall early Saturday morning. Afterwards, I got to ride Yogi  bit, then I got to hold Yogi while he acted as the “volunteer” for a vaccination clinic. While we did this, Kathy and Louie were attempting to warm up – they walked all over the fairgrounds, then Kathy finally felt comfortable getting on, then they walked and walked some more. Louie was extremely nervous. We all decided that the huge experience that is EA was just a little too much for him this soon. Oops.

The ring for Kathy and Louie’s clinic was very big and intimidating, and there were a looot of people there to watch. At first she had trouble getting on, so she walked Louie around the stadium a bit. When they felt comfortable, I took a stool out to them and helped her get on. It was nerve-wracking. I was so afraid she wasn’t going to be able to get on – she would have been so disappointed. Through it all, Louie was extremely nervous, but didn’t spook or act dangerous. Good boy.

The clinic was great, and I think Kathy really learned a lot. Plus, she was having more trouble than the other participants, so she got a lot of attention. Very cool.

Saturday evening I went to the barn and let Rob run around in the indoor. She really seemed to enjoy herself, but she was lonely, in heat, and very affectionate.

Sunday we got to Columbus a little later. We did some shopping, and then got ready for our breed demo. I got to wear the hunt coat that my grandma made for Julie when she was little! Pretty cool. The demo was fun, but the audience turnout was kinda disappointing. Oh well.

Sunday afternoon we were scheduled to volunteer in the Marketplace – New Vocations’ consignment shop there at EA – but there were very few people there, so we got to go home early. Good thing, too – we were all exhausted. We took Louie and Yogi to the barn; they were happy to go back in their paddock, and Rob was just elated that they were home.

My one big lesson from this weekend is that I need to be careful what I eat. I don’t care for food, so I tend to not eat nearly enough, and that really ruined my day yesterday – I ended up staying home sick and spending about half the day sleeping. This summer, especially as the temperatures go up, I’ll have to be careful to pack enough food and then actually eat it.

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