Vet Visit and Dressage Saddle


Robbye got her bi-annual shots done yesterday. She was her typical self during the shots – looked, but didn’t mind too much. She’s so drafty in her demeanor, which I love of course.

Sleepy Robbye.

She also got her tear duct flushed out, which meant she got to get sleepy-drugs!! Drugged out horses are just so funny to me. I love the way their ears droop.

Adorable droopy donkey ears.
I went to work, then came back to the barn in the evening to ride. Julie gave Kathy a lesson while I tried out Julie’s dressage saddle. I don’t think I’d ever ridden in a dressage saddle before, but I absolutely loved it. I felt very secure, and apparently the way it changed my seat helped Rob move in a nicer way. Sweet! I worked on my sitting trot, and Rob worked on her trot-to-walk transitions. We both need a lot of practice.

Dressage! And an AP pad. Heh.
 After our ride, I took Rob into our wash stall (!!!) and conditioned and braided her tail, then put it in a soccer sock tail bag. I’m hoping that will help her grow out the goat-chew. I don’t mind the short section too much, but I would like her to be perfect, of course.
Soccer sock butt.
She had hair literally falling off of her. Dang.
This handsome man gorgeous lady is Puddy, the resident “barn cat”. He She goes to a groomer. The barn cat goes to the groomer! Love it.
Puddy. He’s handsome She’s gorgeous and he she knows it. He’s She’s also very very sweet and affectionate.

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