It’s weird – this is the most consistently I’ve ever written, without academic influence. As much as I enjoy writing (even wanted to make it a career), it’s never been something I’ve been good at making time for. Horses are good motivation, apparently.
We made a lot more progress this weekend. It’s going to be kinda sad when she’s “advanced” enough to not make discernible progress on every single ride. Until then, I’m loving the instant gratification!
Saturday, Julie and I met at the barn and drove over to the first hunter show of the year in our local circuit – we wanted to scope it out before taking Rob. Unfortunately, the competitors were almost entirely kids. Oh well. I think we’ll have plenty of opportunity to show over fences this summer – two dressage shows are offering jumper classes, three SPHO shows are offering hunter classes, and hopefully we’ll be ready for our CT debut in the fall at JumpStart at the KHP.
After visiting the show, we headed out to the outdoor ring to work more over fences. I was surprised to see that Julie had set up a line of 4 bounces…we had epic-ly failed at bounces just a few weeks ago, and I was sure we weren’t ready to try again, yet.
Well Rob surprised me, of course. She was impeccably careful through the grid, and got better (hitting the poles/jumps less, getting better distances) each time through. We trotted, then cantered, with ground poles, then small x-es.
2-stride to a bounce.
Sunday we worked on the same thing, but with 2 more bounces added, and with a bit more height. We also added a  2-jump bounce with a bit of height (I was so pleased when she put some effort over the small x), and then took two of the cavaletti out of our bounce grid to make a 2 stride to a bounce (or a bounce to a 2 stride). Either way, she was awesome. We definitely had to work, but she’s trying so hard and it’s really paying off. Plus, I swear she likes it.
Bounce with a little “height”.
Monday we put the jumps away and worked on flat stuff. Yogi was being a butthole, so Rob and I got some time to ourselves. We did some trot/canter, then Julie and I did a couple short mock dressage tests. They were fun, but we both saw some things we wanted to work on independently, so we went off by ourselves again. I decided that I really wanted to work on downward transitions – she’s been completely ignoring a lot of my requests for stopping….so we did about 50 walk > halt transitions. It wasn’t exciting, but I feel like we made a lot of progress. I hope tonight we can progress to trot > walk transitions, but I don’t have my hopes up! In reality, I’m happy we have this problem. When she first came home, I was convinced that Rob was never going to move out without a ton of prodding. Oh, how I’ve learned otherwise!
One really cool thing – after one of our mini dressage tests, Julie says to me, “Remember when you commented on how easy Yogi was to control and steer, and how you wished Rob was like that?? Well…”
And she’s right. In the less-than-a-month that we’ve been at this barn, my horse has learned how to listen to me. Wow.

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