2-jump course

We had a great ride yesterday. Julie wanted to start introducing courses, so we set up the jumps so that they’d be as far apart as possible (to allow maximum time to prepare for the second jump):

Julie sent this to me during work. I guess we were both in the horsey mood, hah.

We started out the ride working on transitions – walk>halt, trot>walk, walk>trot, trot>canter, and canter>trot. Overall, I was pleased. She’s starting to listen to my seat/legs more (as opposed to relying on the reins for a downward transition). I’m hoping to work on this quite a bit more in today’s ride.

The jumping was just – amazing. We started trotting poles, and it was nothing. We moved to cantering medium sized x-rails, which she completely nailed. Got great distances, used the placing poles perfectly, and really made big efforts to get over the jumps.

To finish, we made a small course – go over two jumps, then cross the diagonal and make a simple change, then jump the two jumps the other way. It was SO GOOD! Her simple changes were awesome, she was very controlled, and I think we both had a lot of fun.

I did learn a couple things. I need to sit back in the saddle and wait on a long approach, then egg her on a little a couple strides out. If I don’t sit back and wait for the jump, she’ll string herself out so much on the approach that she’ll completely miss the distance. If I don’t egg her on a few strides before the jump, she’ll completely fall asleep and fall on her face.

Afterwards, we went on a short trail ride. FUN!!

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