April Rides

I wanted something a little more visual to understand both, 1. how much I ride and 2. when and how often our shows and events are. So, I made a calendar for my work cube, which has all of our events written on it (color coded by how much we want to go to that particular event) and which I put a short description of each of my rides. I’ve now finished the first month, April:

I rode Robbye 20 of 30 days, which is 67%, obviously. I also rode Louie twice and Yogi once. We went from an ominous and unproductive first ride of the month – “drama in the outdoor” – to an comparatively absolutely amazing final ride – “transitions, 2 jump course w/ simple change”. We “jumped” cavaletti or higher 9/30 rides, which actually seems like a lot.

Unfortunately, the May calendar is sparse. The Dayton HT is the 18 and 19, and I hope to go watch, but there aren’t any Robbye appropriate shows. It looks like her 2013 debut (as well as her jumping debut, at 2’6″) will be June 1 at the SPHO Summer Open show. The next day, June 2, will be her dressage debut (not sure of which test, yet!) at the first circuit dressage show of the season.

Such a long wait – but we have a lot to work on!

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