A short piece of writing that particularly struck me, from the blog Sport Horse Riders:

As I told a good friend who took an unwanted dip in the Head of the Lake this past weekend, to quote Churchill, “Success is not final…. Failure is not fatal… it’s the courage to continue that counts.”

If you, like me, are not riding at the 4* level, you might be inspired after the weekend but also wondering how you can possibly measure up to such a high standard. Sometimes it seems that the drama, triumphs, and tragedies of Rolex have little to do with our day-to-day riding lives.  But they do– and tenacity is what connects them.

When you drive to the barn after work, bundle up in your long underwear, knock the mud off your horse, and get on to practice your walk-trot transitions, that’s tenacity.

When you manage to stay on through a spook, ride back over to the spot where your horse spooked, and school on a circle until he settles, that’s tenacity.

When your instructor sets up a fence that looks bigger then you feel comfortable with, and you take a deep breath, pick up your canter, and ride towards it with determination, that’s tenacity.

When you babysit your horse while she stands with her foot in an epsom-salt bath, twice a day, that’s tenacity.

When you reluctantly decide that your current horse is not a good match, and begin the often-nervewracking process of finding a new equine partner, that’s tenacity.

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