Meh May Ride

Robbye’s summer coat is so nice this year – very shiny, slick, and dark.

Well, after an amazing April, May has started out with a resounding “meh”. She wasn’t really bad, and certainly wasn’t disobediant, but we also didn’t get anything accomplished – she never really left the “stick your head as far up in the air as you can get” mode, which is normal for her warmup.

She was also trotting weirdly in the front, which I thought was strange and scary – until I realized that she wanted to canter. So now, I’m thinking she actually really wanted to jump. The jumps were away and we were wearing our dressage saddle, but she was convinced – “I want to jump, and to jump I need to canter, oh I’m excited about cantering, I think I’ll keep my nose ten feet off the ground!”

So ya, it wasn’t the best ride. We worked on transitions (not very good) and ran through intro test B (just okay), and then did some cantering just to end on a good note.

Tonight, Yogi will be taking us on a road drive. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to take Rob along or not. I’m leaning toward yes – I think she needs a long, relaxed, non-training outing.

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