Robbye’s Debut Over Fences

What. A. Weekend. Holy frickin cow.

Robbye thinks that getting her legs cleaned is the worst thing in the world.

Friday I didn’t ride, and instead prepared for the show. I’m glad now that I didn’t ride, since I ended up having a lot more to do than I thought I did! I washed her legs, did a thorough groom, packed, made lots of snacks (a lesson learned from my last show!) and ended up going to bed way later than I intended.

Saturday was…epic. We didn’t plan to leave the barn until 10:15, which meant I got a relatively late wake-up time (8:00 AM!) I packed and dealt with some personal drama, ugh, did another thorough groom (of course she decided to sleep laying down the night before!), did some braiding, and tried not to get too nervous! We ended up leaving later than I intended, but we still got to the show location (Twin Towers in Yellow Springs) at a great time…where we realized that we didn’t have Rob’s current coggins test. AHHH!!! Julie raced back to her house to pick it up, Kathy and I tacked and I got dressed. Robbye ate lots of hay.

When Julie got back, it was time to get on and warm up. Eep. Almost immediately, Rob started scaredy-bucking. This is something I expected, of course, but…they were really bad this time. She was bucking from a walk, which is not typical. She was throwing in some really big bucks. Silver lining was that Julie said I rode them really well, which was a nice self-esteem boost.

So she’s bucking, crying, and generally not listening. I’m basically trying to stay on, while (it feels like) the whole show is watching us fall apart. And then, suddenly….she decided she was done, and that she wanted to work. She put her head down, she started carrying herself, and she put some thought into her rhythm. Rob was back, YAY!!

So we jumped a couple jumps, cantered a lot, and generally tried to tire ourselves out. Our time came for our warmup round – and of course it was dramatic! Rob ran out of her first couple jumps….but I made her go over them, and it’s like she had another lightbulb moment – I don’t think she realized they were jumps at first! Her warm up after that was perfect. I was so pleased of the obvious learning.

Next was our flat class. Rob was very good, but the class was so long. We trotted for forever, trotted for two point in forever, cantered for forever, cantered in two-point for forever, and then did the same thing the other way. It was exhausting, but we were rewarded with a third place out of 15. WOO!!

We were first in the ring for our over fences round. Though she was completely pooped, when she realized it was time to jump, her ears pricked and and picked up her canter on her own. Here’s our round:

I was crying over the last few jumps and as we left the ring. I was just so happy and proud of both of us, and I knew that even if we weren’t rewarded for the round, this was what I came here for, and what I wanted from the experience. And then this happened:
We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The second round was pretty crappy. They announced the results for this class right as we were about to enter the ring, so I was completely not thinking, and we were both tired and done with the show. Needless to say, we didn’t place. But, as Julie said, if we had Championed, then we wouldn’t have had anything to look forward to.
What. A. Day.
Sunday was a lazy day – I wanted to let her stretch her out, but I didn’t want to ride. I left my bit at home on our show bridle, so Rob got to wear Yogi’s western bridle, ooooh! So that’s bareback ride number what, four?
Afterwards, I longed her a bit (a controlled longe!), then hand grazed her for a while.
Monday I was sick, so I stayed home.
Today we get back to work!! June 1st we will be showing 2’6″!

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