First Riding Lesson and Jumping 2′

My cube at work 🙂

I’m feeling so not in the mood to write today, or recently. The high from our show last weekend has diminished and left me unmotivated in the horse department. I think I may need some time off 😦

Anyway…Monday I stayed home the barn, sick. Tuesday we jumped a bit – we took the fences up to two feet! We have a little more than two weeks to add six inches to that, eep! I know she can do it, though.

Two feet!

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had my first lesson with the barn’s dressage trainer. It was a great lesson and I’m trying really hard (I really am!) to be positive about it, but at the same time…I feel really torn down. She changed absolutely everything about my position (EVEN MY HEAD! AHH!!). I know this is a good thing and that it’s going to make me and Robbye better, but I just…can’t stop thinking that I really suck. I just can’t take criticism at all. It completely tears me down.

Anyway, here’s the unenthusiastic list of what I need to work on for my next lesson:

  • Most importantly, legs out and back. I shouldn’t be able to see my feet.
  • Heels up-er, toes forward, balls of my feet balanced on the stirrup.
  • Eyes between Rob’s ears.
  • Back flat, not arched, and shoulders back but relaxed.
  • Hands…crap I forget her criticism of my hands. Maybe just that my reins were always too long. And that you should always shorten the outside rein first.
  • Seat bones tucked under me.
  • Belly button “pointed into my ribs”.
  • Ask for more momentum by pushing her front legs forward with my seat bones. Similarly, ask for a canter by rolling my seat forward with her inside hind.
  • New canter cue: inside leg at the girth.
  • Use the ankle when you need leg, not the heel.

There was more stuff about using my thighs and seat to steer, using my body to pick up her shoulders, etc., but it seems to have fallen out of my brain. I think I have a lot to work on, regardless.

Although now that I look at it, most of this is about my seat, and not necessarily about my riding. Maybe she’s just trying to transition me from a huntseat to a dressage seat. Ugh. Idk.

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