Indoor and 2’2"

Friday, we took a short ride in the indoor. I worked on position, of course. Rob was very very well-behaved. She’s always so quiet in the indoor! I wonder if she gets bored.

Saturday I took a mostly horse-less day, except that I got new breeches…woo!

Robbye and I next to our 2’2″ jump.

Sunday my dad and Zeke came out to the barn with me, which is obviously a treat! My intention was to do a short flat warmup and then do some jumping, so I could get some video, but then Robbye was being stupid (spooking at Dad and Zeke, mostly), so I ended up having to longe her. Then the neighbors showed up with two horses (one of which is a stallion) and their dog, which only made matters more difficult! Ugh.

But Rob settled down after a longe, and she really set to work. We warmed up over a small vertical, then jumped our newest height: 2’2″! We have 12 days to get up to 2’6″…

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