Lesson #2!

Well, we’ve survived another lesson!

This one was much better, and actually left me enthusiastic instead of discouraged. She mentioned that my legs looked a lot better, and that I just needed to keep practicing until it became my natural seat. Can do!

One exercise I really liked: We did a square instead of a circle, walking the corners and trotting the long sides. This forces us to work on:

  • Brevity/immediacy of transitions.
  • Keeping my leg back on downward transitions.
  • Keeping the shoulder in/up/underneath, in order to maintain control and pivot in sharper turns.
  • Keeping my eyes between Rob’s ears.
  • Pace/march of walk.

We then did the same thing, but with canter -> trot and canter -> walk transitions. EEP!

The one discouraging part, was that we had one breakdown where she didn’t want to pick up her bad lead.  It sucks, but it was bound to happen, and we got through it.

So, things to practice:

  • My position: shoulder blades together, back un-arched, thumbs up, legs back, seat tucked underneath.
  • Her position: shoulder in/tucked (helps if I hold the whip in the right hand, AHH!)
  • My cues: turn with the leg instead of the hand (pivot on the heal), support the outside rein above all when cantering, ask for a canter as the inside hind leg moves forward, ask for a canter with the inside ankle at the girth.
  • Her actions: maintain a marching, forward walk at all times, offer immediate transitions.

Hope we can work on these things tonight!

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