Real Jumps

This is what I did Tuesday night. Woohoo, we’re ready for shows!

Oh hey, we jumped 2’8″ last night. YES! She started out a little hesitant, but made so much progress through the lesson. We ended with some really really awesome jumps. I’m so proud, and it was so fun. We are entered in a 2’6″ class at the Standardbred show this weekend, then a 2’3″-2’6″ class at a hunter show the week after that. Our jumps are starting to look like real jumps!!

Oh ya, baby!
“I did this.”
“But as much as I love bragging…there’s grass over there.”
Not a great screencap, just wanted to point out that my heal is beneath my butt šŸ˜‰
Those hind legs. So cute.
I just like this screenshot for some reason.
My favorite is this, though. It’s a REAL JUMP!
Her knees aren’t up and hunter-y, but at least they’re together. She’s an eventer, anyway šŸ˜‰

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