May Overview

May was a great month.

Once again we started out ominously – “meh ride” – and ended amazingly – “lesson – turn on forehand, show prep”. Whoulda thought we would be working on ToF or taking lessons?!

Robbye and I worked 23/31 days for 74.2%, a huge improvement over last month’s 66.7%. Of the 8 days we took off, three of those were actually dedicated to show prep – bringing my horsie days up to 26/31, or 83.9%. Holy cow.

So, highlights from this month:

  • Started taking lessons, realized I need a new seat, made a bit of progress in that department.
  • Made huge progress in the bareback riding department.
  • Jumped from little bitty x-rails and verticals to 2’8″.
  • Went to two shows, each of which was a debut at a new height. One was extremely successful in terms of ribbons, the other…not so much 🙂

A couple small goals for next month:

  • Keep up the pace. The more we can accomplish this summer, the more we can slack off when it gets cold and dark.
  • Continue working on jumping. Add width, work on changes/steering, and try to find a jumping instructor.
  • Continue working on Michele’s exercises, including my position, ToF, snappy transitions, and meaningful walk.
  • Have fun and be successful!

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