Turn on the Forehand – Practice!

Rob and I had a short, slightly crazy ride yesterday. It was chilly and breezy, so she tried to take control a few times (bolting, bucking, popping her shoulder out and leaving the arena….basically everything she could think of). I was happy with how I dealt with it, and I was happy that I could use strategies that I learned from Michele. It really validates my decision to take lessons and the money I’ve paid.

So we worked on ToF, mostly. Michele told me that if I could get two correctly in a row, that was enough for now. I was very happy to eventually get two in a row in each direction, although it took a bit of fighting to the right. It’s a little weird, because that’s her better bending way, but whatever. Maybe that’s my worse direction (probably). Plus, I’m still struggling with my own coordination, so I know I’m not asking as well as I should (definitely).

Overall, a decent ride. I got to reinforce the ToF and my control of her shoulders, and I didn’t let her control the ride. Win!

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