Free Jumping

Well, I had planned to jump Robbye yesterday, but the outdoor was too wet to ride in and there were hay trucks in the indoor, so we ended up not having anywhere to ride.

But it turned out to be alright, because we had a lot of fun anyway!

We let all three horses out in the indoor. I chased them around – they were having a lot of fun.I’m not 100% sure about Louie, but I know Yogi and Robbye both really enjoy being chased around, especially when they’re together.

So we do that for a while, and the horses don’t show any signs of being bored or tired. So…we set up some jumps! It took a little practice – at first they thought that the jumps were barriers, and that they weren’t supposed to go over them, but once they figured it out it was really fun to watch. Three horses all jumping together, and at liberty! Very cool. We’ll have to get video next time, for sure.

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