Lesson #4, Trail’s End Show at 2’3"-2’6", Photo Shoot

Oh look, my toe’s sticking out.

GAH! I’ve put off journaling about this weekend too long, and now I forget the details of my lesson. Shoot.

Anyway, lesson was on Friday. What I do remember:

  • My leg position needs to be more extreme than I thought. There needs to be a space in between my thigh and the knee pad on my saddle. I need to focus on rotating my thigh – which will in turn help me turn my toes in. Speaking of which, those are really bad, too.
  • Our practice definitely helped our ToF! I think Michele was surprised. Woo!
  • Time to start learning leg yields. We can practice them at the walk and the trot. Cue by pressing with my ankle as her outside hind moves forward, while posting the yield.
  • I don’t remember anything else. I really need to get in the habit of journaling right after my lesson.

So it was a particularly good lesson. Plus, Michele instructed us for about an hour. She needs to stop doing that!

We were both watching the ring. I was trying to memorize my courses. Which I ended up failing at. Spoiler alert!

Saturday we headed to another local hunter show, this one at Trail’s End. I knew Zeke and Dad were coming, but I was surprised when my little brothers came to watch as well! It made me feel very special that they were all there.

Unfortunately, we didn’t give them a great show. She had a perfect warmup (even over cavaletti, which she hadn’t really jumped before) and a great show in the flat class, but then was pinned third out of four. Our first round was very good, until she ran out at a jump with flowers underneath her. I knew she was going to do that, and should have ridden more aggressively, but I was being a wuss. GAH. Anyway, she took it after a circle, and it was an overall good round. Still, we earned fourth out of four.


The second jumping class started out better – she took the flower jump without a question – but then, again, I was a wuss and didn’t ask for a longer distance. She chipped and hit the fence, and I immediately got frustrated with myself. I stopped concentrating and….went off course! UGH! I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life.

So ya, we ended with a third and a fourth. Not the best, but I was happy with her (just upset with myself!). And I’m very grateful that Dad, Zeke, and the boys came to watch.

Sunday Kathy gave Robbye and I a photoshoot. I was really nervous about it, but Robbye was great and it ended up being pretty fun. Plus, the pictures are awesome. So so pleased. She gave me the memory card to edit, so I’ll post those later.

Yesterday I took a break, but we’re back at it tonight! This Saturday is the Never Whoa’s first hunter pace. It’s going to be awesome competing as a team!

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