Stirrupless #.5

We had a short, relatively lazy ride last night. There was a lesson going on in the indoor – with a girl who isn’t the best steer-er, and an instructor who doesn’t have the most respect for other riders – so we spent a lot of time staying out of their way.

But hey, it’s a big deal that we have the control to even do that. We’ve grown up a lot in the past two months! As Julie says, Robbye is pretty darn broke.

I did ride stirrup-less for a little while. It felt good, though it was quite different from riding bareback. Interesting, it was easier to post.

So, I think I’ll start adding a stirrupless ride per week to our schedule. So that means that most weeks are now going to look like this:

1 dressage lesson
1 bareback ride
1 stirrupless ride
1 outing (trail ride, show, event)
1 or 2 over fences rides, depending on what the outing is and how the outdoor footing is
0 or 1 “normal” flat ride, depending on what the outing is/jumping conditions are
1 day off.

EEP! That’s a lot of fun stuff.

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