Apparently Robbye is a clover slobberer. I’ve never seen a horse produce so much saliva! She had a special little puddle in the middle of the aisle. What a goof…

Other than laughing at her idiosyncrasies, Rob and I also learned (bareback) our second dressage test for the weekend – the Prix Caprilli. It’s…an interesting test. We have to jump 2’6″ without a clear canter transition (or maybe we’re just supposed to jump from a trot?), so we’ll see how that goes. We also have trot>halt transitions, which we haven’t practiced much, and a stretchy trot, which we haven’t practiced but which should be good.

Overall, I’m excited but nervous for the show this weekend. I hope she does well in show jumping, and I hope I do well in dressage. I hope I can remember our tests! This will be a true test for me. 

Robbye and her puddle.

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