Prix Caprilli

I’m planning on acing this Prix Caprilli test this weekend.

Tuesday we practiced our trot -> halt and halt -> trot transitions (she loves to move right into a ToF when I ask her to halt – oops!), then we ran through our test a few times – twice at height. The jumps weren’t as difficult as I expected, and she was very willing to pick up the canter so close to the fences. Plus, I think having fences in the ring will help show off her bouncy, pushing off the hind end canter.

Yesterday I got stuck late at work, plus it was storming, so I took an unplanned day off.

Starting to get nervous – but I think the weekend will be awesome!!

Edit: I just realized that there are eleven people in my CT. I mean it’s nice to have competition but…now I’m more nervous!!  Four people in my Prix Caprilli and nine in Julie and Yogi’s cross rail CT. Almost there….

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