Lazy Week!

Horsie torture!
We had a lazy week last week – including on the journaling front. Story about the show last Saturday will come…eventually…hopefully before I forget the details.
Monday I longed Rob in sidereins. She didn’t think it was horrible, but she didn’t figure out the head down and in > relieves pressure thing either.
Tuesday we rode in the outdoor. We worked on lead changes over fences, which was fun. It took a lot of work from me, which I didn’t expect. Also – I wore spurs! Her canter transitions were immediate and she really understood which lead I was asking for, which was a great surprise to me. We also worked on picking up the “outside” (incorrect) leads on the long side, which was fun.

Wednesday Julie, Kathy, Kathy’s friend Quizzy and I went on an adventure to Yellow Springs, where we got to play with baby sheep, baby chickens, and a huge frickin bunny.

Thursday the outdoor was wet, so I rode in the indoor. We worked on canter leads again, with simple changes across the diagonal.

Friday was a great ride. It was our bareback ride, and I didn’t wear spurs…but it still felt like I had them on! Woo! First I worked on my position – leaning back, legs underneath me, toes in, thumbs up. Then we worked on trot -> halt and halt -> trot transitions, which are fun to do, and which Rob seems to really get. Next we worked on walk -> canter transitions, which Rob nailed! We had a bit of trouble communicating about it at first, going her good way, but she eventually realized what I was asking for. Once she had it down that way, I reversed and told her that once we got one good transition to the right we would quit for the night. I think she understood me, because she completely nailed the transition our first try!! It was awesome.

Saturday I spent the day in Indianapolis, at the US My Little Pony Fair and Convention. Ya. 🙂

Sunday we did a jump school – over a corner jump! It was fun. I started out with the “wide” ends on the ground, to encourage her to jump the middle of the fence. I’m not sure it was entirely necessary, but hey, we move slowly and learn the right way. I did end up putting the end up, and she didn’t care at all. Just something else to jump, mom! I’m hoping there’s a corner at Twin Towers that we can do next time we’re there.

One weird thing – when I brought Rob in from the pasture, her chestnut was hanging off! It was gross, and looked very painful. I ripped it off, and she didn’t react. I poked at it, and she didn’t react. I pressed hard and she didn’t react – so I guess even though it was bleeding, she wasn’t in pain. Whew! I wrapped it in vet-rap just to keep it clean, but I’m going to keep a normal schedule otherwise, since it doesn’t hurt. I hope it grows back!

So that was our lazy week. Maybe I’ll get the energy to write about our CT one of these days 🙂

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