Rob is Sick?

Rob with her purple halter (she lost her green on in the pasture) and her green anklet (her chestnut bandage, dislodged).

I got to the barn last night to a nice surprise – Kathy had cleaned Rob’s stall for me! Because she had, I got to go out to the trio’s field and search for Robbye’s everyday halter. Joy. But it wasn’t that hard to find, and I still had some time to waste, so I took a book and a chair out into the field and read to the sound of horsie munching. Love that.

While out there, I noticed that Rob was really sweaty – you can kinda see it in the picture above. The other two were sweaty as well, but not nearly as bad. I brought her in, tacked her up, and started our ride, making sure to watch for any signs of illness. She seemed fine – maybe a little tired, but not lethargic. I’m trying not to worry about it.

We had a semi-lazy ride. I worked on my position for a while, then we did some walk -> canter transitions. She really picked those up very quickly – probably because she likes to canter so much. Sorta weird that a draft/standardbred cross prefers to canter over trot!

Anyway, it was a nice trip to the barn, but I was (am) stressed about Rob being sick. I know Carolyn will let me know the second she looks or acts ill, though.

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