June Rides

A late June overview, because I completely forgot that I hadn’t done it!

So we worked 23/30 days in the month, which is 77%. We didn’t make a whole lot of obvious practice – we started the month jumping 2’6″ and didn’t really move up at all – but I think this month was the month for me to really start learning my new seat. I hope I made some progress.

We went to three shows – the SPHO Summer show, the hunter show at Trail’s End, and the CT at Twin Towers. I’d say that each was an improvement on the last, especially in the jumping department. At the SPHO show, we were crashing through 2’6″. At the hunter show, she ran out on one course, and I forgot the other. Show jumping at our CT was perfect.

Not to mention, 2’6″ has started looking small! We’re definitely getting comfortable at that height, for better or worse.

We also did our first (two!) cross country schools, which Robbye didn’t bat an eye at. What a rock star.

So I think we’ve gotten to the point where the progress we make is not as obvious on paper/via numbers…but I think this was still an overall very successful month.

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