Lesson, Pony Ride, Groundwork

I’ve been consistently crappy feeling for the past week or so. I think it’s a combination of the cat bites, the heat, and dehydration. I feel like I’ve had a constant mild heachache. Bleeeech. And of course, I don’t have any work to do at work, so I’m bored out of my mind….


Friday Rob and I had a lesson. Things we worked on:

  • Steer with the outside aids exclusively. Bridging my reins can help me rely less on the inside rein to steer.
  • All gaits must be powerful. We really really need to work hard if we’re going to get good impulsion.
  • My seat has improved! Michele mentioned it a couple times!!

So ya…it was a good lesson, but we didn’t learn a whole lot of new stuff. I think Michele is really trying to get us on the bit, now. Hopefully this new “working harder” trot, combined with longeing in side reins once a week, will work to get us there.

Saturday the club and Kathy’s friend, Quizzy, headed out to check out a horse Kathy liked. The horse was cool, but not perfect. Kathy hasn’t ruled him out yet, but she’s looking at other options.

After the barn trip, Quizzy got a pony ride from Robbye! They were both so so good. I think Rob was a little confused and nervous at first – I’m the only one who’s ever really ridden her before, after all – but she mostly got over it. She did tend to sneak up to me when Quizzy forgot to enforce steering.

Quizzy had a ton of fun, I think. I did too! She even got to do some posting trot…and of course, Robbye provided her little western jog, which was so nice.

Sunday I took the day off for a date day (Cox Arboretum, then Star Trek at the cheapie theater!).
Monday Rob and I had a “discussion” about ground manners. She’s been a total butthead on the ground lately – I think we’re going to start doing some groundwork before every ride. Monday, she was good. We talked about not eating grass every time we go out side, and we talked about walking slowly when I’m walking slowly.
Verbal cues seem to work really well for her. Saying “slow” or “no” really gets her attention. Interesting.
Tuesday we longed in side reins. Her walk was great, and I think her trot is getting better as well. Progress!!
…and tonight I finally get to ride again. It’s been a little while 🙂

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