Back to Work!

It’s cooled down here significantly, so Robbye and I are back to work! I had a very lazy last week when it comes to journaling, so here’s the condensed version of our week:

Monday: Longed in side reins. Seeing definite progress!
Tuesday: Rode bareback; worked on my position.

Wednesday: WE JUMPED 3FT!!! AHHHH!! She was great, and acted like the fences were nothing at all.

My little cousin also rode her, and even cantered on the longe line. She was so awesome.

Thursday: Took a rode ride down to a little town. It was a nice ride, and I got to work on my position.
Friday: Lesson! It was a great one. Notes:

  • Here’s how we steer: put more weight in the inside stirrup/seat bone, press with outside thigh and calf, half-halt with outside rein to prevent shoulder-popping. Reinforce with inside rein but only when
  • My lower legs are getting better but I still need to keep them back. This more than anything will help us steer with my seat.
  • Sit up, chest out, and (especially while cantering) press my belly button out with the forward motion.
  • While leg yielding, I need to keep my hips and shoulders in line. Half halt with the inside (toward the direction we’re moving) rein on my up post to encourage movement.
  • Can ask for a canter at the last two strides of a leg yield to encourage correct lead…although we only seem to have this problem during lessons :/
  • Elbows need to stay BACK and IN. Apparently I like to twist my forearms around, which twists her as a result.
  • Reins need to stay longer. Hands should be in front of the saddle, not up Robbye’s neck.

Saturday: Julie rode Robbye. She mentioned that her gaits are a lot bigger than it looks from the ground, which I thought was interesting. One cute thing happened – they were just trotting around, steering around two tiny cross rails that were set up, when suddenly Robbye locked on to one of these cross rails. She really really wanted to jump! Julie had to yank her away from it. So cute.

I also took her on a bareback rode ride, then rode bareback in the ring a bit. We jumped bareback again. WOO!
Sunday: Robbye’s day off.

This week I really want to work on steering from the seat.  I think it’s going to add a lot to our finesse, including in jumping. Practice time!

Plus, once I can really steer from my seat then….we can start working on riding bridle-less!!! Maybe that will be my goal for next summer 🙂

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