Alex Ride, Robbye 3′

Had an interesting trip to the barn yesterday.

Firstly, my dad came out to fix some of our jump standards. I love hanging out with my dad, so that was fun. The standards are a lot easier to use, now!

Secondly, I got to ride Alex. First we walked around the arena, with Julie helping to keep him moving forward. I tried to keep my hands and legs completely off him, and to just use my seat and thighs. This was a nice lesson, related to what Robbye and I learned last Friday. Then, Julie put us on the longe line and we trotted a bit. I hung onto his breast collar and didn’t touch his mouth a bit. We encouraged forward above all, and didn’t ask him for anything complicated. He demonstrated a huge improvement…I hope that Julie figures out a way to keep him. He’s a very very nice horse.

Next, I took Robbye out to jump. Dad had made us a new flower box, which he filled with weeds. Rob did look at the box and weeds, but didn’t act afraid of it. We did some bounces and some more 3ft. We didn’t accomplish much, but I know now more of what I need to work on.

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