July Overview

Well, we had a bit of a lazy month. We experienced the brunt of the summer’s heat during 1.5 weeks in July, and so spent a couple weeks being lazy.

Still, I think we’re making very good progress, and will enter the fall ready to take a winter break without losing a lot of progress. We’ve been consistently longing in side reins, and I believe we’re starting to see the fruits of that under saddle. I rode bareback a lot, and gained a ton of confidence in that area. We even started jumping bareback!

I think my position improved greatly in July. I’ve started to really embrace the dressage seat, including sitting back, holding my legs underneath me, and moving from my legs and seat.

We didn’t show at all – in fact, we didn’t leave the property at all! But the shows will come later this year, and I believe all this work will turn into ribbons for us 🙂

24 of the 31 days are in the black, which is 77.4%. Of those, 3 were useless rides/days – taking our percentage down to 67.7%. Still not a bad ratio for what looks like it’ll be the hottest month of the summer.

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