Lesson, Hit the Dirt…Take a Break

Well, I had a great lesson last Friday. What I learned:

  • I make everything more complicated than it has to be. I need to let Robbye do what she does.
  • Legs back! Toes in!
  • We can practice snappy transitions by using a line of 4 trot poles. Trot the poles, and if her rhythm is good, then ask for a canter transition immediately after the fourth pole. Make sure she really gives the transition. I can half halt between each pole to rock her back.

So there are four big exercises I can be working on during dressage rides:

  • Turn on the forehand, and making them tight and snappy.
  • Leg yeilding, and making them clean and straight.
  • Steering with my legs and seat, using the square exercise or whatever else.
  • Snappy transitions using the pole exercise.

Unfortunately I won’t be practicing these things this week – I’ve decided to take Monday-Thursday off. I took a hard fall on Sunday, which was really disappointing…I had been looking forward to my sister coming out to the barn and riding Robbye all week, and then Robbye took it upon herself to dump me on the ground. I’m still sore and disappointed.

Plus, we really have been working very hard. I’ve been riding or longing six days a week for quite a while, and I think we both need some recoup.

I bedded Rob’s stall ridiculously last night, so I hope she’s comfy and that that makes my mucking easier! We shall see. She’s such a slob – I’ll try anything to conserve time and bedding.

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