Big courses, longing

Our jumps!

We may finally have gotten our groove back!

Tuesday, Robbye and I worked on some concurrent big jumps. She definitely let me know when she was done, and I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted, but I was also asking some technical questions that I shouldn’t have. The warmup was also very low-drama, so I was very happy with the ride. I definitely think that 3ft is not going to be Robbye’s cap – she still doesn’t seem to put much energy into the fences!

Yesterday, Wednesday, we longed in side reins. Again Robbye told me when she was done, but this time it was very rudely…she spun at me and threatened to charge. WHAT A BAD GIRL! So we had to have a CTJ, and I ended up longeing much longer than I intended. Oh well, all her fault! She was significantly better at the canter on the longe, and she reacted decently to the CTJ, so overall I’m pleased with that workout as well.

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