Jumping in the Heat, Hitching!

I think we’re definitely back to making progress! The bucking and being-a-fart phase seems to be over, for now.

Friday there was an awful lot of shooting going on by the outdoor, so Julie and I asked if we could ride in the front field, which is rarely used for anything. Robbye and I had a great dressage school, made more exciting by the new setting. The field is rolling with a couple mature trees in the center – it feels like an old-school hunter course! I really want to set up some fences and pretend we’re in a derby 🙂

EW! Rob bit me, the little brat.

Saturday we did some long courses, like earlier in the week, but with the fences much higher and with much more fill. And ultimately…it was pretty bad. By the end, she was breaking out of her canter and running out over and over. At one point I was afraid she was sore, because she wouldn’t keep her canter around bends on her “bad” side (we’ve have minor problems with her socked leg before), but ultimately I think she was just very hot and ready to be done jumping. When I finally got her over two large fences in a row, I galloped half the arena then let her stop. It wasn’t a great lesson, but it was a great workout, and it helped me see what we need to work on.

Plus, the line we were trying to do was really pretty hard. It required a tricky lead change through 2-3-4 that was really just…past us, at the moment.

Notice the lead changes through 2-3-4. Just too hard for us at the moment.

Sunday we took a break. I was having an exhausting weekend, and she had worked so hard on Saturday that I thought she deserved a shorter work week.

What a star!

Monday was the most exciting day – Robbye got hitched! To the carriage, that is – and with minimal drama. She walked around the indoor with me at her head and Julie driving. She was a little confused about pulling at first, but I really think she had a lightbulb moment about driving, and decided that she didn’t mind so much. Julie had also fixed her blinkers, which I think made a huge difference. They had really been bothering her.

The cutest thing – when Julie asked for a smaller circle, Robbye crossed her legs over like a pro. Dressage training truly does help a horse in all disciplines.

Robbye is becoming so multi-talented! I’m going to go make a bucket list of things I want to try with her…

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