Lesson, Crappy Ride, Jumping Clinic

Had a greaaaaat lesson Friday. I knew I should have journaled earlier, because now what I learned in my lesson is blending with what I learned at the clinic. Anyway, here are my notes:

  • I need to work on yielding along the wall. No new notes or strategies – I just need to practice.
  • Lots of transitions – especially hard ones, like trot>halt>trot – will help Rob get rounded and on the bit.
  • My upper body needs to be stiffer, with more “starch”.
  • I need to really crank down the side reins so that Rob is at the vertical, and longe her that way…and then ride her that way, too.
  • GAH I’ve forgotten everything. Hopefully more will come back to me as I ride.

Saturday I wanted to get on a make a quick and easy reinforcement of the contact and roundness that we achieved on Friday, but Rob was being a total butthead – nose out, poll up, back hollow. It was a horrible ride and I don’t even want to write about it!

Sunday Kathy, Julie and I took our horses over to Yellow Springs for an informal clinic with a Centered Riding/jumping trainer. I didn’t really learn a whole lot, but the things I did learn were nice little breakthroughs:

  • I need to relax my chin, neck and jaw. This will let Rob relax her chin, neck and jaw….and let her drop her head! Just what we were working on on Friday.
  • My stirrups were way too long for jumping. Other than that, though, Adriene really seemed to like my seat. Success!!
  • THE BIG THING – When I go into 2-point, I need to think less about moving forward over Rob’s neck and more about…pushing my butt up and back. I know this isn’t the correct way to achieve 2-point, but it’s the visualization that works for me. This helps me fold instead of throwing myself forward.
Rob was just great at the clinic. We did some lines that I didn’t think she could do! Her canter was so malleable, which I’ve never really noticed before. When I asked for more uphill, she gave it to me. No one could believe she was four years old.
Hopefully we’ll be taking regular lessons with Adriene soon!

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