Bad Show and a Week Off

Well, the CT was horrible. Pretty much every part of it went wrong in some way, and I just do not want to write about it. Lessons learned:

  • I really need to learn how to commit – to everything. To kicking butt, to fences, to my own cofidence in general.
  • Robbye is fit. I need to stop worrying about her running out of steam. I need to wear her into the ground, when it’s necessary!

The only time I rode this week was Monday – I had a “kick butt” dressage ride, where I tried Yogi’s bit. It has a little leverage, so it was nice to see how she reacted to it. Overall, I didn’t feel like it made much of a difference. I don’t really need stopping power anyway – I just need to teach Robbye that she needs to always listen to me.

Maybe I need to take what I learned about her bucking – ride through it, then make her work harder – and apply that to all of her misbehavior. I’ll try that next time she’s a turd.

We have a dressage lesson tonight and a jumping lesson Sunday. Exciting!

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