2015 Goals

In 2014, my goals looked like a whole lot of lists. I was planning my wedding, cross-training, working hard for a promotion, and trying to “get serious” with Robbye. This made for a ton of goals, some of which were useful and successful (the promotion, the wedding) and some of which were a huge flop (the eventing season that never happened).

I want this year to be more carefree and less calculated. I want this year to be two honeymoons and slow but steady riding progress – not a wedding and 20 shows.

So I have three easy goals instead of a bazillion tough ones:

Create and be Creative

Spend some time creating things. I have missed using my brain to create things other than code; I need that moment of creation. The creation can be easy, but it has to happen.

Have Zero Days

Have days where I have no expectations for myself. Being lazy once a week is okay. I have to allow myself to take the stress out.

Count Calories in and Calories Out

I really want to fix my diet. That starts with seeing what the current status is. Re-evaluate at the end of February.

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