New Year Week


Last week was overall very good, and I think we’re back on track to achieving our dressage frame. Tuesday and Wednesday I longed her in side reins, and she worked very hard – I was pleased and proud. We put particular focus on her canter, since she’s still building those muscles, and still likes to doubt herself when it comes to cantering in the frame.

Thursday and Friday I rode out in the sunshine in draw reins. I tried to emphasize roundness and obedience from the very beginning – even as I mounted, I asked for roundness to prevent any shenanigans. She was fairly good, although on Wednesday she didn’t want to put any effort into cantering. She wouldn’t even pick up the right lead canter while the draw reins, which I thought was a little silly…but once she picked it up and held it for a while, I ended there. Thursday she gave me an incredible forward and round right lead canter after the first time I asked, so I was happy to end early!

Saturday we took a break and Sunday we had a very crappy ride.

Monday and Tuesday were fun. It’s very cold here – between -5 and 10, and I didn’t even feel like taking off her blanket…so we rode in a blanket and bridle. We actually accomplished a lot more than I thought we would – Monday we worked on roundness at the walk and trot, and Tuesday she offered me some intense round canter. This is with nothing but a bridle on!

I think we’re getting there…

2 thoughts on “New Year Week

    1. The ONLY reason I’m motivated enough to ride in this weather is because she has a health issue that seems to be aggravated by lack of exercise. Otherwise I’d be hiding by my space heater 😀


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