TOABH: Wish We Could and Sugar Momma


Let’s pretend that financial restrictions don’t exist and logistics isn’t a nightmare.  If you could do anything with your Ponykins, what would you do?


If you could buy anything for your horse, what would you buy?

I’ve been thinking about these questions a lot since The Owls Approve posted the first. Especially since Robbye and I have been struggling so much for the past…year. If I could do anything with her and for her, what would I do?

I love to fantasize and come up with big dreams, for basically every aspect of my life. Become a world-renowned programmer and work for Google? Heck ya! Turn an Etsy shop into a million dollar business? Sounds awesome!

So, in regards to these questions, I’m honestly relieved to find that my answer is…not a whole lot different than what we’re doing now. I would love to take more lessons – two a week would be perfect. I’d love to attend clinics more often, school off-site more often, and have the money to blow at shows so we could get more experience.

I thought, after this hard year, that I was questioning wanting to event, or even compete. But spending two weeks contemplating what I’d do if I could do anything has made me realize that I do want to either event or compete in dressage. We’re just…stuck in a rut at the moment. I don’t have the money to pay for three lessons and two training rides a week, but I don’t want that anyway!

wpid-20150114_190242.jpg wpid-20150114_190236.jpg

The nature of my experience, her experience, and our relationship (not to mention our conformations) means that progress is naturally going to come slowly. I’ve always understood and been fine with that, except for occasionally when I just get, I don’t know – too excited, maybe? We start seeing sudden progress, I get super pumped for what we’re accomplishing, and then I’m inevitably let down when she naturally backslides.

That’s the nature of animal training and especially the nature of a green rider and green horse, so I need to be okay with it.

After all the introspection I’ve done in the past month, plus all the thinking I’ve done for these questions, I’m starting to feel better about Robbye. And of course, when I feel better about her that naturally leads to me being a gentler, softer, and more encouraging rider.

I really made this “fun” question into something it didn’t have to be, lol!

(Oh, and regarding buying things for Robbye – she really doesn’t need anything. Treats treats and more treats, and that’s about it. 😉 )

4 thoughts on “TOABH: Wish We Could and Sugar Momma

  1. I love the direction you took this question! It’s true, that sometimes we have to accept the situation even if it doesn’t fit into the dreams we have down the line. Progress is still progress though! Can’t wait to see how far you two go together!


  2. That’s really introspective and I like it. It’s always tough to watch a horse backslide, especially when their progress is so hard earned. but it’s just the nature of horses you know? John Lyons always says a horse forgets something three times before they learn to remember it.

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    1. Thank you for your comment – it’s really nice to hear! I know everyone goes through the same things I am but it’s still a struggle 🙂


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