TAO Blog Hop: Idiosyncracies

There are three blog hops going around I want to participate in – I’m loving it!


What personality quirks does your pony have? What makes him or her special?

Robbye really doesn’t have that many quirks; she, for the most part, acts like a normal draft mare. She’s calm and a bit reserved on the ground, until she decides she wants to dominate you…at which point she gets as pushy as her size allows. She loves food and treats, but that’s not weird. She’s great for grooming, and nowadays doesn’t mind clipping or bathing.

Her real quirk is something I have to deal with once very 20 days – Robbye’s cycle is really horrible. And she never seems to stop cycling, so I have to deal with it all year long.

She gets bitchy. She gets ouchy. She gets really really really horny – to the geldings and to the other mares. Of course all of this combines into a complete lack of focus on anything other than herself.

I’m absolutely sure that it’s legitimately distracting and uncomfortable, but man is it frustrating to deal with.

Does anyone have any experience with regulating a mare’s cycles? Or using a medication to relieve some of the symptoms?

8 thoughts on “TAO Blog Hop: Idiosyncracies

  1. Aww poor Robbye!! That is such a bummer. There are several mares at my barn who have big cycles in Spring who are on some kind of hormone injections (I seriously think it’s depo-provera but I’m not sure) that have really helped. Is hormone therapy something you’re interesting in for Robbye?


    1. I’m interested in it as a future possibility. I really don’t want to mess with her natural cycle, and I know that some of the hormones can be dangerous to humans. But I also know that she’s very uncomfortable when she’s ovulating, and I hate to make her go through that for the rest of her life.

      Not to mention, if she happens to be horny/ouchy/bitchy at a show, we’re pretty much out of the running. So if we ever want to be competitive… :/


  2. That’s one reason I don’t care for mares. The cycles can be so annoying! There are a lot of people who’ve had a lot of success with hormone therapy. It sounds like her hormones are out of whack. It can’t hurt to check it out with your vet.


  3. Options- there are herbal ones too like chaste berry but the vet ones are:
    1. Regumate- oral progesterone given daily. Works but $ and not super safe for humans to handle
    2. Progesterone injections- IM injection, frequency depends on horse. Some show horses are on this as a matter of course
    3. Marble- a sterile glass bead or marble is inserted through the cervix. Simulates a pregnancy. Works well for some, will get ejected at some point. Some mares spit it it straight out
    4. “Equity” or similar anti hormone vaccination. Two injections a distance apart. Causes permanent infertility
    5. Surgical Spey. Option for mares who will never breed and are dangerous when in oestrus


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