Sur Isaac

My aunt’s OTStB, Yogi, is in this blog quite a bit. He’s Robbye’s buddy, he goes on most of our club adventures, and is quite a character. He lives at the boarding barn with the rest of the club.

However, Julie also has another horse: Sur Isaac, or “Newton” is a ~2008, probably full-blooded Arab. We think he was bred for western events, and we think he was shown in halter at some point. Beyond that, we don’t know a lot about him. He lives at Julie’s house for now, and has a really great set up with a shed stall and small run. She eventually wants to do Combined Driving Events with him!

Newton sneaking into his tack room garage.

Besides being very…opinionated, Newton and Robbye are complete opposites. Newt is hot hot hot, reactive, and clever. He’s dainty and extremely agile. And he’s PONY SIZED.

2014 Photo Dump
Newton’s first time in this second life of his carrying a rider. I seriously doubt he had ever had a rider before us. (Sorry for cutting off his adorable head! Julie was afraid he’d bolt off if she walked too far away. This was pre-professional training.)

We don’t think he was ever ridden before, and we had difficulty breaking him to the saddle and to a rider. Julie tried breaking him to a cart and harness, and he resisted that too. For that reason, Julie sent Newt to a trainer for 60 days this November/December. Hailey did an incredible job with him, and a couple weeks ago Julie rode him for the first time.


He was incredibly well-behaved. No bolting, no silly spooking, and no jumping into laps. He was a little hesitant at first about the increased weight (Hailey is tiny!), but he was willing to walk forward, bend, and accept some contact. What a change from two months before.

Hard to believe he and Robbye are the same age. What completely different horses.

Julie has been paying our barn owner a small fee to trailer over and use our indoor, so hopefully I’ll have more successful Newton stories in the future!

3 thoughts on “Sur Isaac

    1. He’s really really cute! And a very cool color. Man, he can be feisty though – such a huge difference compared to my draft x!


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