FOO Blog Hop: Day in the Life

Have I mentioned I love blog hops? Especially when the average temperature this week is negative a million.

What does your daily routine look like?

6:30: Alarm goes off! Snooze for thirty minutes and then panic at 7 because I’m supposed to be leaving at 7:15.

7:00: Finally up. Read and eat breakfast, then rush to get all that other morning stuff done. Wish I could read instead of get dressed.

These guys are a better alarm clock than my phone. (Tabbye, Ruby, Calvyn, and Skitter)

7:30: Leave for work. Only fifteen minutes late, woo!

7:45: Get to work. I usually get 20 minutes of reading done while my computer boots up – Lotus Notes and Visual Studio take forever to boot. Code, go to meetings, do research. Sit in front of my happy light and eat some nuts.

One of my very favorite possessions.

11:30: Eat lunch! Half an hour of reading my novel and half an hour of reading non-fiction – alternating equestrian and technical.

12:30: Back to work. Code, meetings, research, happy light, snack.

4:30: Head home! Eat dinner and enjoy some quiet time to recharge for 45 minutes. This is generally the only time I get to myself, and I need it.

Part of my battle station, where I spend most of my home time. THE POST IS INSIDE THE POST!

5:30: Head to the barn.

6:00: Arrive at the barn, clean Rob’s stall and get her groomed and tacked. If I’m by myself I’ll listen to a novel, which I love.

6:30: Riding! Feels goooooood.

7:00: Untack, groom, clean tack, clean the aisle.

8:00: Home for the day. Do a little bit of chores, clean the kitty boxes, eat another snack, shower.

the ladies
Three of my favorite ladies. NERD ALERT! I’m really into making characters and get way too attached to mine. These three have sorta morphed into different aspects of me: Fishmeal, the mage, is clever, ambitious, and selfish; Miniwini, the druid (healer) is extremely empathetic and sensitive and loves animals; Traque, the paladin (tank) is a quiet introvert who defends what she believes is right.

8:30: Play World of Warcraft, League of Legends, or Civ. Work on my blog or my pony room, read more, or play board games or card games. The evenings are for nerdiness!

10:30: Get in bed for more…reading!

11:30: Finally try to sleep. Or maybe read just one more chapter 😉

12 thoughts on “FOO Blog Hop: Day in the Life

    1. They really are! It’s nice to have three phases of my day: work, horse, nerd. Makes the days seem really long 😀


  1. Totally just started following your blog because of the WoW-nerdiness, though I don’t play any more. Now I am into Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Rift. Don’t find many equestrians that are also gamers!


    1. YAY! I’ve also noticed that we’re a rare breed, and I’ve been wanting to incorporate the nerdiness a little more into my blog. I’m glad you approve 😀

      I got into the HotS alpha a few months back and played a couple games, but it was so similar-but-different than LoL that I couldn’t get into it. What are you loving about it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I tried to get into LoL but found the community to be very not beginner friendly. I find the community of Heroes much nicer and I love playing all the big name characters from Blizzard such as Illidian. You should totally blog about your gaming!


      2. Have you ever blogged about gaming? I’d worry about pushing any of my (very few) horse followers away!

        LoL has the absolute worst online community I’ve ever experienced. I’m very careful which game types I play and whom I play them with for that reason. Sad it’s like that 😦

        I wonder if Heroes will continue to have a nice community, even after it’s released?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I hope it does! Right now it could be because everybody is learning, I am sure there will eventually be trolls like any game. If you decide to try it again I can send you my battletag. 😄I don’t think it would push people away if you added some gaming insight to your blog!


    1. It’s a light that simulates sunlight for people who are affected by the lack of sunlight, either because it’s winter, because they’re in a cube all day, etc. I bought mine off of Amazon!


    1. Whenever someone asks if they should play WoW I say no – because SO many people get horribly addicted. I think the only reason I’m not is because I have horses…which are an even worse addiction 😛


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