Journal: Surprise. It’s Still Cold.


This feels like one of the most inconsistent phases of riding I’ve been through in the three years I’ve had Robbye. For someone who relies, both physically and psychologically, on riding six days a week…I’m struggling.

That said, I have a rule not to ride if it’s 20 degrees or below. It’s only been above 10 degrees approximately four days in the past two and half weeks, and on one of those days we got 6″ of snow. AUGH.

So here’s my very sparse journal which should have nine days of recap and instead has three.


When I last journaled, I had just had two dressage lessons in the same week. I ended that week inspired and ready to buckle down.

Saturday I combined what I learned from my two lessons for a great ride. We did about a million transitions and yielded across the diagonal and down the wall. I was very please with Robbye’s work effort, and I felt like we successfully replicated some of the work we had in our lessons.

wpid-20150220_175036.jpg wpid-20150220_175118.jpg

(That Sunday, Zeke (husband) and I “celebrated” Valentine’s Day by buying beer, chips, and pizza and then not leaving the house or even getting out of our pajamas. We played a ton of World of Warcraft – I’m leveling my druid through the new expansion’s content with Zeke’s warlock. Until this expansion she’s been exclusively a healer, but I switched her to balance – a caster damage type – just to level. I am really enjoying the new way of playing! Her AoE damage is ridiculous and awesome. And even though they’re both casters, she’s way different stylistically than my main character, who is a mage.)

We also had an Epic Snow Battle. It’s pretty obvious from the state of the snow in our front yard.

Two days off, then we had another ride combining the forward and sideways. Finally, after another million transitions, we got some really nice, round, active trot. After one 20 meter circle maintaining that trot, I called it a day. Progress!

Four days and six inches of snow later, and I decided I really wanted to ride in the outdoor. Robbye was a bit annoyed by the change in routine – “what do you mean, I have to pick my feet up to trot through snow?!” – and she gave me a pretty significant bucking and bolting temper tantrum and the beginning of the ride. But I focused on staying relaxed, sitting deep, and letting her move out instead of holding her back.


We ended with some great work, and I was pleased that we did something different. Since my silly fall, even something as simple as riding in the snow provokes a lot of fear. With rides like these, I’m working on slowly getting my mojo back!

5 thoughts on “Journal: Surprise. It’s Still Cold.

  1. I’m feeling your lack of riding pain- even 10 days off turned me into a cranky beast. But it sounds like the times that you did ride went really well! Which is even more awesome when the weather is throwing your schedule out of whack. That’s so fantastic that you pushed your boundaries a bit and had a rewarding ride!


  2. You are very tough–riding in snow. I remember doing that back in my childhood in Chicago. I honestly don’t remember ever being cold then. Does your horse have special shoes? I remember weird snowball configurations forming underneath my QH’s feet. Hope spring finds you soon!


    1. Mine doesn’t have special shoes – I was afraid of snowball accumulation but it didn’t happen. Maybe the snow was too light to pack into her feet?

      Funny how much tougher we were when we were young. I remember I would spend the whole year not wearing a coat. In Ohio!

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  3. Ahhh!!!! A fellow rider, and DRESSAGE rider to boot, that also enjoys World of Warcraft!!!!!!!

    I spent last winter without an indoor, and our outdoor didn’t have lights either, so I couldn’t ride during the week because it was dark before I even left work. I’d go out Saturday and Sunday to ride, without fail, with 40 layers of clothes on. I loved when we got 6-8in of snow. I’d take my horse out to the hay fields and let moving through the snow keep him from jumping out from under me, while letting him go forward into the contact put him through. I loved those rides!


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